What size dumpster do I need for a deck
Dumpster Rental Size Guide for Deck

What size dumpster do I need for a deck?

Do you want to clean your old deck? Or do you want to renovate it? Are you unsure what size dumpster you need to get the job done? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

In this post, we will discuss the different sizes of dumpsters available and how to choose the right one for your project. So, whether you are a house owner or a contractor, read on for tips on how to pick the right dumpster size for your deck project.

Ideal dumpster size for a deck

If you’re planning on doing some deck work, you might wonder what size dumpster you’ll need to rent. Our dumpster rental experts say the ideal size for a deck project is 15 yards.

That’s enough space to hold all the debris from your project without being so big that it’s a hassle to deal with. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a backyard deck project – not too big and not too small.

So if you’re planning on doing some deck work this spring, be sure to rent a dumpster that’s 15 yards in size. You’ll be glad you did.

Things to look out when renting a dumpster for a deck

When tackling a big home improvement project, you’ll need a few things: a solid plan, a decent budget, and a dumpster. That’s right – a dumpster. Whether you’re tearing down an old deck or simply stripping off a few layers of paint, renting a dumpster is the easiest way to ensure that all of the debris ends up in the right place.

Here are three things to look out for before renting a dumpster for your next deck project:

Be Open with your rental company

When it comes to renting construction equipment, it pays to do your homework. The more they know about your project and the equipment you’ll need, the better able your rental company will be to give you suggestions and advice.

Measure twice before calling

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space for the dumpster. It’s not enough to know the dimensions of the container – you’ll also need to factor in the hinged door, which will swing open when the dumpster is delivered.

You’ll need at least six to eight feet of space in front of the dumpster and three feet on either side. You’ll also need to ensure the dumpster won’t block any driveways or roads.

Ensure it remains covered

Dumpsters are too much weight-sensitive; hence you need to ensure that only you are dumping the waste in your dumpster, not others. To ensure this, make sure your dumpster is sealed or at least covered when you are not using it.

Furthermore, this will also prevent rain or branches from falling in, adding to the weight and making the dumpster angry. So ensure your dumpster remains closed when not in use.

Last Verdict

Any home repair or renovation work looks exciting, but it can also be a complete disaster if you don’t have the proper equipment. Similarly, often there is a big mess after completion. At this stage, a correct-sized dumpster can help you out.

Call us if you are still unsure about which dumpster size is adequate for you. At Barton Dumpster Rental LLC, we’ll set you up with just the correct container for your next home improvement or deck project. We rent out various dumpster sizes and ensure that the disposal process complies with waste disposal regulations.

So, whether you’re tearing out an old deck or building a new one, we can help you take care of the waste quickly and efficiently.